Jay Watson

Jay Watson

massage therapist

Jay is an experienced soft tissue therapist,  reflexologist and therapy tutor who has worked with many elite athletes as well as individuals from non-sporting backgrounds at various London clinics.

Since 2007 Jay has worked mainly alongside multidisciplinary medical teams at the Lawn Tennis Association, Association of Tennis Professionals and the British Paralympic Association. He has treated British and international tennis players on the world tennis tour and at the National Tennis Centre. This work included the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament, travelling as a member of the British Davis cup team and working as the lead soft tissue therapist for the British Wheelchair Tennis Team at the London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Jay is a gold member of the Sports Massage Association and is passionate about his work, always eager to learn new ideas. A key part of his work is highlighting potential muscular tension and overuse patterns to prevent injury, stress, tension & postural problems.

Initially trained at St Mary’s University in London as a reflexologist, he then gained his sports and holistic massage diplomas, going on to qualify in soft tissue therapy with a Masters degree.
He has taught reflexology, massage and anatomy & physiology at a number of teaching colleges in London and has continued to add new skills attending CPD courses in deep abdominal massage, kinesiology and structural taping and dry needling.

What Our Patients Say About Us
“Matthew is the fifth chiropractor I have seen and I rate him as the best. I find him highly effective and always feel I can trust him.”

John P
“My experience has been very good. Matthew is an excellent chiropractor who I trust.”

Lana K
“Matthew is always very thorough and relieves my aches and pains.”

Kate L
“Matthew is brilliant. I always finish a treatment pain free and more mobile.”

Trudi J
“Matthew is a miracle worker. Thats all I can say. Pain free in one session.”

Cheryl W
“Helena has helped immensely - and there is no oversell or expectation to go back unless required.”

“The entire family has gone to see Helena, just after the first session I felt better. Excellent service, lovely & friendly.”

“Fantastic, I've been seeing Helena for several months now and I have never felt better. My long existing sciatica and lower back pain has now gone.”


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